Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fair Days

This week marked the 115th Comal County Fair so the girls and I dove in to make things to submit to the Fair. My oldest girl made yummy cinnamon rolls, Twin One made some candy cookies and Twin Two baked a loaf of bread from my favorite bread book. They had to do it all themselves from scratch and they really did! I ended up cleaning the kitchen most of the time they were cooking, but it was fun to see them in the kitchen.  Twin Two's loaf of Boule Artisan Bread won the tri-color ribbon (Grand Prize!) for her age group.  We're very proud of her!  The others won a 2nd and 3rd place ribbons!  

Little A is still a little young to cook something completely by herself, so she wanted to make a sunflower picture. We set out all the art supplies for her to pick and choose from and we showed her how to paint with glue to make her materials stick to the paper. Then she went to work! She was so excited and kept saying "I bet I'll win a ribbon" over and over again. She did win a ribbon - 2nd place! All the girls are winners in our eyes of course, it is such a nice way to boost their self esteem by seeing them proclaimed winners in the Fair. They worked really hard! 

Our favorite spot at the Fair is the baby chicks. It something we do every year and I have pictures of them each year there. Fun to see how much they've grown from year to year. 

We saw many of our friends at the Fair and in the Midway rides. Merry Go Round, Glider, Fun Slides, Catepillar Coaster and Tea Cups are some of the girls favorites. My oldest likes the faster, spin you around like crazy rides more each year while Baby A hung on for dear life on the Merry Go Round. 

My Rock has his turn at the Fair tomorrow as he works the Swim Team food booth in the morning. He'll feel right at home with the sausages and corn on the cob! Thank goodness he loves to cook and doesn't mind volunteering his time.  

Hope whatever your weekend brings makes it fantastic! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey! Welcome to my blog, my little space in the world, my journal of motherhood. I figure it's best to post an introduction as my first post here even though I suspect mostly friends or family to read this blog but here it goes.

I'm Lisa - it's the name my parents gave me when they adopted me as a baby. Being an adopted child will explain a lot of things about me down the road. Or at least I think it explains a lot about me. Being a wife and mother brings meaning to my life and my rock is my husband. I couldn't do half I do without him. So we have five children, all girls. Yes, all girls - we seem to only make the female species. So a house full of beauties is what my husband was meant to be surrounded by. Having a family of my own is all I ever wanted growing up - see there's that adopted child thing again. I have a tendency to go overboard or maybe it's just determination to do something right. Thus the five children! Once I figured out how I wanted to mother my girls, I just wanted to keep having babies. No, I am not currently pregnant nor do I have plans to be so. There's still time for that later - maybe. Our "baby" is going to be two years old in November and our oldest is 12 years old. Then there's my identical twin daughters whom just turned 9 years old and the child I never thought I'd have is now 4 years old.

We homeschool and run Full Circle Baby - a natural baby and mom boutique. Life is always busy, hopefully not passing us by, but living fully. Sometimes I can't remember what happened yesterday, but popping Ginko Biloba might help that if I didn't despise taking pills so much. So now I'm rambling, I'll stop. The girls anxiously await ......wait was that a crash I just heard? I'd better go investigate.