Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Legs

Do you have the cutest little baby legs? You know the type - the kind that you just want to squeeze! Miss Abbey has them and she's so excited to get into our newest Baby Legs shipment!

Baby Legs make for quick diaper changes and are so nice for the cool Fall weather (whenever it actually gets here in South Texas - but that's another story!). Abbey's holding the "Rye" print - but they come in the classic solid colors (red, black, ivory, brown, etc) and many more cute prints!

The new Batik Handpainted Moby Wrap - finally!

I've promised a pic of this for a long time now and finally got one today! yay! Don't you love it when you finally finish something that was left hanging? I can close another part of my brain now - which is a good thing because I need all the room I can find to remember everything I need to remember these days.

So the new Moby - here it is! I just love it and so does Miss Abbey! It's the same nice stretchy t shirt fabric as the solid colors, but handpainted with pretty flowers and vines. Plus, it was tie dyed which adds a nice element to the wrap itself. Definitely a "treat yourself" baby carrier for those of us who carry our babies everywhere! Way to go Moby Wrap! These are now available in our store - Full Circle Baby.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The End of Summer

Summer is over now that school is officially here. Sigh.... I'll miss those lazy days of being able to sleep in (right!) - now seriously as a Mom of 5 sleeping in just never happens. But 7:30 am was the norm in the summer and now it's 6:30am once again. My twins had their first day of second grade today and while I was teary eyed driving away from school this morning, they never looked back. They just jumped out of the car with a kiss and "Love you Mom" and walked arm and arm into school together. Apparently, second graders don't need their Mom to walk them to class on the first day of school. Today began my second attempt at home schooling as well. Yes, we have both in our home - homeschoolers and public schoolers. Our oldest daughter entered 6th grade today via K12 homeschool. She did great! It took us awhile to get into everything this morning but we finished what we started today and she is excited about learning once again. Success! Our 3 year old also is "home schooling" with us. She wanted so much to be part of "school" so we've created her preschool here for her. She started with a letter (A), number (1) and color (brown by her choosing!) of the week. Allie strung cheerios on yarn for a "snack necklace" this morning and then ate it! lol Little Sweetness (our baby) loved being able to nap today without being on the go. She snuggled in her Moby Wrap (the new Handpainted Batik one) while we got started this morning. I love how close she feels when I put her in the Moby and she just rests so sweetly.

The last week of Summer was filled with days of swimming, parks and friends! Such fun! Here are the girls in all their glory last week.

Ah - to be young and carefree!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting and Crocheting

I've finally finished my first knit wool soaker. It's for baby of course! Knitting has become one of my favorite pastimes - it's so relaxing. It can be done in the car or late at night when I just need to unwind. Time is something I'm always laking in however so when I do finish a project I'm so happy!

For this wool soaker I used the Tiny Birds free soaker pattern.

She does a great job outlining the pattern as it is worked which is great for us beginners who need a visual. ;) The one thing I did want to add was the ruffled edge but I really wanted something a little simplier than what the pattern called for in case we use it under clothing. I'm a novice at crochet too, but I found another visual online to help with adding a crochet edging to the knit soaker.

I chose some lions brand wool for this soaker since it was my first attempt. Didn't want to use something really nice until I got it down but even my knitting guru and "teacher" says she's very impressed! This same friend said this project was very ambitious of me. lol Guess I'm the ambitious type - I go overboard a lot!! Doesn't the soaker look cute with the funky Sweet Mama Small Sugar top I got her?

I'm working on some embellished diapers with Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut fabric. I love prefolds - soft Indian ones are my favorites. Cotton is cool and natural, lasts forever and is fun to dress up. Fresh Cut fabric is just beautiful and reminds me of summer fun. Baby will sure to love being dressed up in some of my recent creations.