About Me

I'm a Mom.

To six children - five girls and one little man.

I'm a wife.

To my soulmate, highschool sweetheart and best friend.

I'm a homeschooler.

I sew, cook, clean, wipe noses (and bottoms), kiss boo-boos and give hugs.

I channel my right brain, even though I'm a leftie (in other words, I try really hard to be creative but my accountant mind sometimes struggles with it).

I live as naturally as possible. I'm a crunchy chick. We cloth diaper, breastfeed and birth at home (not necessarily in that order!).

I write to preserve memories.

Ridge House is going to be our home in the country. Watch as we build, create and live there.

Eat Well - Dairy Free is my journey with dairy allergies and quest to still eat some real good food.

~Lisa (aka - The Full Circle Mother)