Sunday, November 30, 2008

Texas Riviera

Blogging took a back seat last month as we tackled much school work and geared up for the Holidays and a special little one's second birthday. So this weekend we took a much needed rest at the Gulf Coast. The camper's inaugural outing went perfect! As tent campers up until now, I have to say that my back much prefers the camper's bed.  The quaint quarters made for a big slumber party. The outdoor cooking, marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers made for - m'mm good smores.  We ended each fun filled day staring into the campfire as the girls entertained us with stories in the round - mostly about a princess and a mighty evil dragon turned good - very funny stuff with giggling girls all around.

One of the things I love most about camping is the chance to get out in nature. The girls get dirt in their finger nails, find joy in picking up oyster shells on a hiking trail and build sand castles at the beach.  If you were looking for them, chances are they were up in a tree.  Following a trail
and not knowing where it might end or go  - that same adventurous spirit that propelled families westward so many, many years ago. 

The live oak trees here in Texas have a beauty all their own.  Each one is different, twisting this way or that. Evergreens very unlike the piney trees I grew up with in the East. Our campsite had a perfect live oak tree for the girls to climb.  I couldn't help but capture a few more on our hike. The spanish moss from the limbs and the vines that are usually full of greenery are now almost bare.

It wouldn't be a vacation without some car knitting now would it?! Travel to and from our Texas Riviera vacation filled my hands with a little of this and that.

I have some finished projects to share soon - like the birthday girl's new dress. Hope your weekend was relaxing as well!



Friday, November 7, 2008

Salute to the Sausage

Is that the most ridiculous title or what?! In fact, it is happening here right this very minute and continues year, after year in our hometown. The annual Wurstfest is upon us - one bite of sausage after another. We ventured out to Wurstfest the first year we moved here to see what all the fuss was about and we haven't been back - I think we all had culture shock! This is how you would sum up the event in very few words; Germans, sausage, and beer. Oh, maybe I should include polka music too! Have you ever done the "chicken dance"? Well then you have not experienced Wurstfest!

Have a great weekend! Na na na na na na na - clap clap clap clap!


Monday, November 3, 2008

You are my November

As I look around to see the leaves finally changing colors here in South Texas, I wake up to chilly mornings where I'm on the edge of turning on the heat, but not quite ready. I wonder where another year has gone - it's November. This month is always nostalgic for me as I look back at the years. It's a celebration of the month we officially moved into our new home here in Texas, it's a celebration of life as we get ready for a birthday and it's the start of the best season ever.

The girls finished up October with trick-or-treats Halloween night. 
Miss Abbey kept me company handing out goodies to the neighborhood children
and was also my partner in crime as we munch our fair share of candy straight out of the hand out basket. Honestly, how do you tell an almost two year old she can't have any more candy without the creation of magnificent tears? Pumpkin carving was loads of fun, but Abbey decided that pumkin guts were "ewe-ewe-ewe". She stood on the front porch the whole time trying to steer clear of any flying pumpkin parts.

I finished up my Fall "Mama Bag" as I call it. Nothing is allowed to enter into it you see, unless it belongs to me and only me. No diapers, no dolls, no sippy cups, no snacks (unless they are mine), no "Mom will you hold on to this for me?" items..nada. I used Portabello Pixie's new Market Bag pattern and yes, I'm totally uncreative in picking out my fabrics for this bag. I loved the ones she used so much that I just went straight to those and I'm so happy with it. The ol' sewing machine didn't quite like sewing through five layers of fabric, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. If I win this, then the ol'sewing machine won't be hollering at me any more.

The next sewing project was going to be Miss Abbey's birthday dress, but I think we'll make a few baby hats first. Check over on Mama to Mama (Soule Mamas new website) for details of this very worthwhile project. Tis the season to give back and who could be more deserving than another mother. We're all connected by this wonder called motherhood. Living here, where we are planted, it sometimes seems surreal that somewhere else there is great pain, heartache and even violence towards mothers. As part of our living mindfully of others, I hope that my girls will help me with this project and maybe we'll even try another one in the process.

Oh - if you haven't already voted, then GO VOTE!