Monday, September 17, 2007

With sprinkles on top

Happy Birthday to Grace and Jessica! We started out the day with a sprinkly treat to let them know we knew it was their special day. You only turn 8 years old once. I can't believe it's been 8 years since my twin girls were born. What an incredible day that was! We celebrated this weekend by taking them camping which turned out to be quite the trip.

It's such fun watching the girls explore and create adventures in nature. We just never get that opportunity living in suburbia. It doesn't come without it's bumps and bruises though. The girls first decided to pick some prickly pears off a cactus - ouch! Each and every one of them got a hand full of prickly thorns. Doubt they will do that again....but you never know! That was some hike though. Tested my patience, but it was a beautiful view and we saw a whole bunch of deer. Thankfully, no snakes! After the hike, we all were ready to go swimming in the lake but not before my oldest decided to take a tumble off a see saw (remember those?). Yep, she broke her wrist in two places. Lucky Dad got to take her to the emergency room (he's getting a tour of the Hill Country ERs). Fortunately, it's not a bad break and after a few weeks she'll be good as new. Unforunately, it's her right arm - the one she does everything with (write, eat, wipe herself, etc. etc.!).

Grace and Jessica loved the fun, little ballet bags I made them. They needed something to carry their ballet shoes to and from class. We filled them with goodies of course!
Now the laundry is done (not folded though - that's tomorrow's work). You would not believe the laundry that is created by a weekend camping with a family of 7. Someone might think I've buried a child in the pile that sits on top of the bed. Alas, they are all safe and sound, all tucked in their little beds, snoozing and dreaming like little girls should.

'Til next time,

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