Friday, March 14, 2008

Permission to breathe

Days are passing into months and months into years. Is it too cliche to say "time flys"? I've thrown myself head, foot and tail into homeschooling my three oldest girls and we have been busy. Good busy though. Thus, my lack of posting on such important topics (see below)!
One day this week (I believe it was Monday), I gave us a permission to breathe day. There was filing to do, bills to pay, laundry to wash & fold (yes, put away too), and just general "stuff" that has been piling up. Feeling a bit swamped, I decided to take a day to take care of it all. What a blessing that was too. With it all out of the way, we were free again to plunge into schooling and life (thus creating more piles - but that's okay).

Is this not the cutest, most inventive thing you've seen in a long time?? Allie's been testing it out for us to see if it's something we should add to the store. She's given it her thumbs up so keep watch out for a listing in the store soon!
The weather is turning very warm here in South Texas (I think it's actually 95 today). Time to head to the wading pool..... the ducks are calling (at least my 3 year old thinks they are!). Quack!



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