Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Ranch - The Camp (Part 2)

After a nap and a snack, we are ready for a walk around the Camp where the Camp House sits on the Ranch.  Everyone said the Ranch is a perfect place to nap and they were right!

A couple of doe have wandered close to the Camp to take a peek at us. Hello deer!

The desert shows signs of color and life even in the winter time. 

See - Abbey found some flowers!

At the Ranch Camp, our camper looks lonely all by itself. The sounds of the desert can be alarming (and a little freaky) at first and especially at night. I was convinced there was a six foot long snake laying outside our camper the first night. As I watched it lay there in the moonlight I couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving. Was it moonlight bathing? Please just move on I prayed. I clutched my pillow tighter as Manly Man made his way toward the camper and stepped on the "snake". Turns out it was a water line....

Allie looks worried while Grace makes coyote calls and they answer back. Please stop Grace!

This is why every guy and girl needs boots at the Ranch. ouch...

The sun ends the day with a beautiful sunset over the Ranch House. So pretty.....

The fire ring at camp glows and warms us while the air turns chilly. The hunters return from the afternoon hunt for dinner. The Ranch cook serves up homestyle fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn. 

Manly Man enjoys a Shiner as Jessica stays warm by the fire and close to Dad (just in case the coyotes come back!).

A full moon shines over the ranch camp as Family Weekend comes to a close. Everyone heads to bed to snuggle under warm blankets.


  1. What a gorgeous place! The closest we ever were at such beautiful desolation was on the New Mexico/ Texas border at Carlsbad Caverns. The girlz look so sweet, and yes, calling coyotes is probably not a good idea. But "manly man" (and you're talking about Jeff, right???) looks like the Shiner is his fave part of the day! Thanks for the lovely photos!~~Think of us up here in the cold and with over 4 million people streaming into our backyard for the "big gig."~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. Yep - talking about Jeff with the "Manly Man" description. He's very different at the ranch - rugged, rough, yet also very happy. He loves it down there! Anyone who can do what those guys do at the ranch deserves to be called "manly" - trust me. I'll spare you the rest of the details!