Monday, March 30, 2009

This will be the week

I have been feeling very fatigued, jittery and generally unwell the past few months so it is now time to do something about it! The plan is to take it easy for the next two weeks and rest as much as possible ( wish me luck on this please - or even better, pray for me). Scheduled this week is an appointment to see my family doctor to discuss a detox, an appointment with the chiropractor and an overindulgent appointment for a neck & shoulder relief massage. I'm really only looking forward to that last one... The knot in my neck has got-to-go! So I will be laying low for the next two weeks and sleeping as much as possible. This means no more late night movies or wasteful time on the computer. Momma needs to take care of herself! To bed I shall go when the last little one starts sawing logs. This post is just my reminder to myself really, that I need to do this for my well being and I need to stick to it.

After the first week of rest, I plan a week long fasting/detox (as long as it's okay with my dr). I have no reason to believe it won't be, in fact, I think my body is craving it. I'll post my list of foodies here each day so anyone can follow along and I can keep tabs on myself.

After the two week rest and week of detox, then I will start to exercise regularly once again. Gentle yoga is okay for the detox week though and something that I will look forward to. So this is the week to get started. It's kind of like my own New Year's - just a little late!


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  1. Mom,
    Good luck! I will pray for you too! and i will go to bed no later than nine!(i think!)