Monday, December 31, 2007


Guess what I got for Christmas from my sweet hubby?! Chocolate Lollipop fabric! Anna Maria Horner's fabric is soooo beautiful and I've been eyeing this fabric for some time now but it wasn't available through my local quilt shop. Truly, I'm a novice seamstress but throughly enjoy knitting and sewing and it helps put a little bit of calmness into my world. And sometimes just a little bit is all I need! HA!

So I found this sweet german dress pattern (Farbenmix pattern):
There's an American store you can buy the pattern from - Not expensive at all and they shipped it really fast.

So this is what part of my Christmas present turned into:

Front and back views:

This dress is really easy - trust me - if I can do it any beginner could too! The directions (which there isn't much of) took me a while to understand but once they clicked it was simple.

So for something to put under the dress I'm cooking it up now -
Happy, Happy New Year! Cheers!
~xo Lisa

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