Wednesday, October 15, 2008

12 weeks to Christmas?!

So I've been informed that there are now 12 weeks until Christmas. It's probably less than that already. Time to start those lists! What are you giving this holiday season? I know, I know - it seems way to early to start thinking about it. Starting early saves a ton of money and planning later on though. I tend to be a type A personality but I try so hard to use my left brain! I'm a left brain wannabe.

October is the month to find great deals. I often check the clearance section at the end of the aisles in Target. As they put out their "Christmas" toys, many others are marked down. In an effort to give more handmade items this year, we'll be visiting the fabric store often. My oldest daughter said they have 12 fat quarters for $10. - she's making skirts for American Girl dolls to give as gifts. We adapted the quick skirt pattern to fit dolls and it looks very cute! The crafting/sewing table we refinished (found it for gratis!) is certainly to be a focal point of our holiday gift making.

Wellness baskets are on my list to make - I wonder who the lucky receiver might be? Filled with "take care of YOU" items like a rice heat therapy bag, boo-boo bag, eye pack for headaches, and some yummy herbal items like Kerry's Herbal Miracle Salve (this stuff rocks!). Maybe I'll throw in some Baby's Bottom Butter too - we had a craze this Spring/Summer when news hit the US that this cream was used as a woman's facial cream. I couldn't keep the Moondance Soaps version of the cream on our shelves. It was pretty funny watching how much people were buying actually - not in a ha-ha sort of way, but a good way!

So what are you making as gifts? I need ideas!

Off to a La Leche League meeting this morning. I've been a LLL Leader for many years now and it is still something I enjoy. Seeing all the mamas and new babies, answering their questions, and watching the mother-to-mother support is something I never get tired of. The hard part is getting everyone out the door, school work packed up for the older girls to school on the go and keeping the "mama I'm hungry" at bay during the meeting - that means snacks!

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  1. Hey! I didn't know that about Baby's Bottom Butter... I'll have to try it! :) Thanks!