Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Grandma

Old Grandma visited this weekend - she's my Grandma but we now call her "Old" Grandma so the girls can differentiate from all the "Grandmas" in their lives. How lucky are they to have three Grandmas!? At first, Old Grandma was having a hard time adjusting from her trip and kept falling. So we took a day and spent it with her at my mom's house to try and bring some peace and stability to the situation. She doesn't get around much at all anymore but at 84 she's still sharp as a tack.

I cooked this fabulous Chicken and Orzo recipe for the Family (12 of us) on Friday night and I caught Old Grandma helping Baby A with her food. If I only have that moment to remember my Grandma by, I will treasure it forever. The oldest member of our family, helping the youngest keep food on her spoon and into her mouth, touched my heart. Old Grandma gets her share of the care taking these days, so seeing her give care reminded me how much she used to give to everyone else.

Watching my Grandma sew, made me want to sew. As a child, she patiently helped me thread needle after needle, sat and did crafts with me, made paper flowers... She also gave of herself through cooking and gifts. I would sit at her counter while she made me jelly rolls for breakfast - letting me eat my fill of them too! I remember her never being rushed and always having time to play a game of Uncle Wiggly. Remember that game? She never, ever yelled. I still sleep under the afgan she made me many years ago - especially when I'm feeling sick. It like a hug from Grandma. My girls still play with the doll clothes she made and there are flannel jammies waiting for them to grow into one day.

I made the girls jelly rolls yesterday for breakfast and let them eat their fill. Today we are making more skirts for their Fall closets. This little Lazy Days skirt pattern is quick to make and I love the ribbon trim!

Jelly Rolls Recipe:

1 1/2 cups milk
1 cup flour
2 eggs
2 T oil (veg oil, coconut oil or butter melted)

Mix all ingredients together. Lightly grease a small skillet and set heat to medium. Add 2 T of batter and swirl batter around in the pan until very thin. Cook about 2 min (you don't have to flip but you can if you want to cook the other side a little). Remove crepe to a paper towel lined plate. Fill center with your favorite jelly or jam (strawberry, mixed berry - they are all good!).
Eat while warm! Be ready to make many more!

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