Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Sewing

My favorite season is finally arriving here (although slowly) in South Texas. While we have to endure some really hot days in the summer, it all comes full circle in the Fall and Winter when we have the most wonderful weather. I just love the cool mornings and beautiful days! I used to bundle my girls up in jackets, turtle necks and warm pants when we lived in Virginia, but here they can just go out in almost the same clothes year long. Our one week of winter doesn't last long enough here.

This weekend the girls and I hit the outlets to get a few pieces of Fall clothes for them. I made a pledge to not buy any "new" clothes for the two little ones (4yrs and 22months) this Fall season so the only new outfits they will have will come from being hand-made. The two little ones have bins full of hand-me-downs from sisters and cousins. The only thing that I will need to buy is some shoes probably.

I sewed Baby A her first new handmade set this weekend using the Oliver + S free skirt pattern for the skirt and hand appliqued the t-shirt (from Old Navy). If the day is colder, this set has a matching long sleeve shirt with fabric covered buttons and a cute set of baby legs! Baby Legs are great for our weather. The Fall/Winter days always start out chilly, so Baby A can wear her baby legs to keep her legs warm and as the day grows warmer, we can just pull them off.
I hit the jackpot at the local fabric store this weekend too! My local Quilt Haus has the cutest fabric so I always end up wandering around the store thinking up more projects in my head while I'm there. Anyway, I stuck to my list (some flannel for jammies) and was rewarded at the check out with a $20 off coupon for my next visit! Woohoo! That's a good coupon in my book! Can't wait to go back and use it.

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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  1. WOW! How cute is that! You shared this free pattern with me... while I saved it into my favorites, you got right in there and sewed it! You are such an inspiration!